3rd Vice Commander:         2014-present

JD Givens                           US Air Force


Adjutant:                             2018-present

Jean Gautreaux

Email:  adjutant@americanlegionpost81florida.org

Judge Advocate:          2014 - present

 Mike Rogers                US Coast Guard

Executive Board Members

Historian/Asst Chaplain:      2012-present

Dan Sheline                         US Air Force

2nd Vice Commander:         2015-present

Jim Haley                              US Air Force

Email:    2vice@americanlegionpost81florida.org

Commander:                         2014-present

Tracy "Stretch" Spence         US Air Force Retired

Email:  alp81flcommander@gmail.com

Have questions, concerns, ideas?  Contact your one of your post officers.          Be part of the solution, NOT the problem.

Frank B. Huddleston  American Legion Post 81

Don Wassmer

US Navy

Jack Ellis

US Navy

Public Relations:             

Email:  publicrelations@americanlegionpost81florida.org

Chaplain:     2015-present

Kip   Werner                    

Finance Officer:                    2016-present

John Arnold                           US Army

Email:   finance@americanlegionpost81florida.org

1st Vice Commander:          2018-present

Terry Zrutskie                       US Army

Email: 1vice@americanlegionpost81florida.org

Jim Meurett 

​US Air Force

Sergeant-of-Arms:              2018-present    

John Crowder                     US Army