3rd Vice Commander:         2014-present

JD Givens                           US Air Force


Adjutant:                             2016 - present

Stephen Lecuyer                US Army

Email:  alp81adjutant@gmail.com

Don Wassmer

US Navy

John Crowder

US Army

Jordan Kingston


Judge Advocate:          2014 - present

 Mike Rogers                US Coast Guard

Executive Board Members

Public Relations:             

Email:  publicrelations@americanlegionpost81florida.org

Chaplain:     2015-present

Kip   Werner                    

Sergeant-of-Arms:              2011-present    

Bob Marconti                       USAF & US Army

Historian/Asst Chaplain:      2012-present

Dan Sheline                         US Air Force

Finance Officer:                    2016-present

John Arnold                           US Army

Email:   finance@americanlegionpost81florida.org

2nd Vice Commander:         2015-present

Jim Haley                              US Air Force

Email:    2vice@americanlegionpost81florida.org

1st Vice Commander:          2017-present

John Gamerl                       USMC

Commander:                         2014-present

Tracy "Stretch" Spence         US Air Force Retired

Email:  alp81flcommander@gmail.com

Have questions, concerns, ideas?  Contact your one of your post officers.          Be part of the solution, NOT the problem.

Frank B. Huddleston  American Legion Post 81